Reading an Invoice from your child's Service

You will receive an email from the Service with your Invoice, this is to display fees that are due according to the Services charges.
For example:

Your Service may charge in Advance for this week
Your Service may charge in Arrears for Prior Weeks

Note: Invoices will contain information for Booked Sessions, Fees Paid, CCS Entitlements at the point in time it was generated. If your information has changed AFTER the invoice was generated, this will be picked up in the next Invoice that is created. eg. Your CCS Entitlements have changed, Fee payments have now been made or your bookings have changed.

Payment Method: This indicates how you are to pay your fees. If this reflects ‘direct debit’, the total amount due will automatically be deducted from your nominated bank account or credit card on the due date.

Invoice Period: This refers to the date range your fees are for.

Last Bill: This indicates the total amount of your previous invoice.

Payments/adjustments: This indicates any payments which have been made within the time frame of your last invoice. This also includes adjustments to bookings or government CCS rebates.

Balance: This indicates payments/adjustments deducted from last invoice amount. Any remaining amount is added to this invoice amount.

Current Charges: This indicates the total amount of the current invoice plus any debit or credit from last invoice amount balance.

Total Due: This indicates the balance remaining from last invoice minus any payments or adjustments + total amount from this invoice period = Total amount due.

How to pay: This section will provide details on how to pay your fees and any other information provided by your service.

Date: This indicates the date your child was or is to attend care depending on the services payment cycle.

Description: This indicates the child’s name, day of care and daily fee.

Session Hrs: This indicates the total hours of the session.

Hrly Fee: This indicates the total hours per day.

Total Fee: This indicates the total fee per day.

Disc: This indicates any discounts applicable.

Oth. Sub: This indicates any other subsidy applicable.

CCS: This indicates rebates received for each day (please note this may be an estimation if your service charges in advance).

Gap Fees: This indicates the total fee minus the rebates = gap fee. This is the amount which you pay.

Other Charges: This indicates any other charges applicable.

Payment & Adjustments: This indicates any payments which have been made to the service via direct debit or any other source of payment and adjustments for government benefits including any adjustments to CCS rebates. These can either be a credit or a debit depending on the situation.

Note: If you use 42 absence days within a financial year, the government will not pay rebates on any further absences.

To assist you further with this process, you can view the Guardian & Carer video through the University for Guardians & Carers - Viewing Invoices & Statements as well as How to read your Invoice
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