How do I reset a Kiosk code for a Guardian permission of Authorised Nominee?

This article will assist you with resetting a Kiosk Pin for a Guardian or Nominee.


The Guardians PIN can be reset in 2 places.
via the Families Screen and under the Guardians Tab
via the Family Summary Screen

Re-setting a Nominees Pin can only be managed via the Family Summary Screen.

Resetting a Guardian's Kiosk pin
Whilst logged into the Xap portal, click on the Families screen, then the Guardians tab, then search for the Guardian in question and Reset the kiosk pin.

Kiosk Pin

Resetting a Nominee's Kiosk pin
Whilst logged into the Xap portal, in search bar in the top right hand side of the screen, search for the nominee and select it from the list of results.


Select the 3 dots on the relating to the nominee and click on the edit option.

Edit Nominee

Scroll down to the bottom of the pop out edit window and set a new Kiosk Pin, then click Save

New Pin
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