Re-setting the Kiosk Device PIN

This article will assist you with re-setting the Kiosk Device PIN number.


The Kiosk mode of the Connect App for Educators, allows Families to sign their Child in and out of your Service.

Each time the Connect App is installed onto a Device you can set the secure Device PIN Number.

To assist you with setting your Device PIN Number see: Logging into Xap Kiosk

NOTE: Some Organisation's do not recommend that Centres uninstall and re-install this software. Please contact your IT Team to follow your Organisations policies and processes.

To re-set the Kiosk PIN if it needs to be changed.

Uninstall the Connect APP from the device
Re-install the Connect APP from your Play store

To install the APP see:
Google Play Store
Apple Store

Once the APP is re-installed

Sign in with an Authorised Staff Members email address and password

Select Menu
Select Kiosk Device Mode

Set the preferred Kiosk PIN Number
Confirm the Kiosk PIN

Select Exit Kiosk to return to the Connect APP for Educators.

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