How to turn your device into Xap Kiosk Mode

Please follow the below steps to turn your device into Xap Kiosk Mode .

Note: This feature is only available for Centres and Staff and not for the families due to compliance purposes.

To turn your service into Xap Kiosk , click on the menu button in the bottom right of the screen and select the Kiosk Device Mode option.

Enable Kiosk

On the next screen, enter your 4 digit Admin kiosk code

To assist you with setting this code see: Logging into the Xap Kiosk

Kiosk Pin

Once in Kiosk mode, Guardians can insert their mobile number and 4 digit pin to sign their child in or out.

Mobile #


To exit the kiosk mode, click on the Exit Kiosk button on the top right of the screen to be taken back to the main screen.

Exit Kiosk

To assist you further with this process see the Xap University video links here: How to turn your device into Kiosk mode and How to log into Kiosk
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