Smile App - Marking your Child Absent

If your child' has a permanent or casual booking, you have the ability to mark a session as Absent via the Guardian App.

Note: Only Absences can be marked via the Guardian Portal or Smile App. Sign in/out times can only be managed via the Services Kiosk device
Note: Depending on the Services settings, charges may still be incurred for Absent Days. Please contact your Service for further information.

To Mark a booking as Absent

Log into the Smile App

Select the Bookings icon on the bottom left hand side

Within the Bookings Tab

Select the 3 dot menu for the selected day to mark as Absent
Note: Absences can only be recorded for a future date, if your child is absent for today, you will need to contact your Service directly.

Select Mark Absent
Note: Your Service may have enabled Cancellation of Casual/Recurring Days, so you may be able to Cancel the Day instead of marking as Absent.

Select Confirm Absence

If you are marking your child as an Allowable Absence (if they have used the current Financial years allocated 42 standard absences), Select Absence Reason

Select the Absence Reason eg - Child Ill

Select Confirm Absence

The selected Day will display the Absent icon

The Service will be notified of the recorded Absences. The Screen will be updated to show the Absent Days.

Cancelling an incorrect Absent Day

If you would like to withdraw an absent day:

Select the 3 dot menu next to the absent day

Select Withdraw Absence

Select Confirm Withdraw Absence

The Service will be notified of the withdrawn Absence. The Screen will be updated to show the day ready for Sign in/out via the Services Kiosk.

To assist you further with this process you can view the video here: Marking Absences
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