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This article will assist you with paying your Bill via your Smile APP for your Child Care Service.


Whether you are paying via Direct Debit payments, B-Pay or Direct to Centre, you can now pay your Bill or make a top-up payment via your Smile APP and via the Web Portal for Guardians & Carers.
Note: If you are unable to see this feature you will need to contact your Child Care Service, as they may not have enabled this feature.

To assist you with using the Pay Now feature via the Web Portal see: Web Portal for Guardians & Carers - Pay Now

Viewing the Pay Now Option

To view the pay now option, this can be located:

Log into the Smile APP

Select the 3 line menu icon

Select Invoices & Statements

Select The X to close the choose invoice option

Select Pay Now

Select Proceed to continue with making the payment

Note: If you have an upcoming Scheduled Direct Debit payment, this Pay Now payment will be in addition to this payment. If you would like it to replace your upcoming Scheduled Payment, please contact your Service directly to see if it can be cancelled.

Add in the amount that you would like to pay

Scroll Down

The Default description will display, further details can be added.
Select if you would like the payment to be made using your existing Bank/Credit Card details, or if you would like to use different information for this payment
If using existing payment details, or once new payment details have been added, select Confirm Payment

The Screen will display the successful payment details, including:

Select OK to close the screen

The Service will be notified of your payment.

To assist you further with this process see the Guardian University video: Smile APP - Paying your Invoice
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