Smile APP - Viewing Enrolment Information

This article will assist you with viewing your Child's CCSS Enrolment information via your Smile APP for your Child Care Service.


If your Service is CCSS Approved, your child will have a CCSS enrolment linking them to the Service with Centrelink.
There are different types of CCSS Enrolments that your Service can create.

CCSS Enrolment Types

CWA - Complying Written Arrangement
This is the only type of Arrangement that can enable families to receive Child Care Subsidy. A Complying Written Arrangement is an agreement to provide care in return for fees.

Relevant Arrangement
This type of enrolment notice is used only where a provider is sure that the family does not wish to ever claim Child Care Subsidy for the sessions of care they are going to provide. It is an Arrangement between the centre and parent/guardian for the care of a child which does not meet the full requirements for a Complying Written Agreement.

ACCS (Child Wellbeing)
Where a centre has identified a child is at risk of serious neglect or abuse, but there is no individual identified to pay for child care fees. In this case, the centre effectively becomes eligible for Child Care Subsidy for that child, rather than a parent or guardian.

Arrangement with Organisation
CCS is not payable on this type of Arrangement. This Arrangement is made when another party (the state, an employer or other organisation, for example) is liable for the fees for care of the child.

Viewing the CCSS Enrolment Information

To view your Child's CCSS Enrolment information, this can be located by:

Log into the Smile APP

Select the 3 line menu icon

Select the Families option

The Family screen will display

Select the Child's name

Select the Enrolments option

This screen will display all CCSS Enrolments for your child for this Service, the information includes:
Current Status eg. Confirmed, Pending Eligibility, Received
Enrolment Start and End Dates
Enrolment ID
CRN Holder/Guardian

Select the Enrolment occurrence you would like to view details for.

Once you have selected the individual Enrolment you will see further details:

Services CRN number
Service Name
Care Type eg. - OSHC or CBC
CCS Enrolment ID
Arrangement Type eg. CWA, OA
Enrolment Notice Start Date
Enrolment Notice End Date (if applicable)
If the Enrolment is ceased
Late Submission from Service reason

Scrolling further down will display:
Child's Name, DOB and CRN
If they are in State Care
CCS Claimant person and their details
Signing Party

Scrolling further down will display:

Session information including.
eg. Recurring & Casual or just Casual
Total Fee charged
Total hours of the session
Age Range of the Session

Enrolment Status
The Date and Time the Enrolment was submitted to CCSS
Current Status with CCSS

Enrolment Notice Statuses and Meanings

Pending at CCS - Pending Eligibility CRN numbers have been provided by CCS eligibility still pending from myGov
Confirmed by Guardian - Booking pattern confirmed by Guardian/Carer via myGov
Approved - The Government approves the enrolment that is submitted outside the timeframes or if provider is not approved
Disputed - Contact has disputed the booking pattern or a casual day through the My Gov Account
Confirmed - Details confirmed by CCS, confirmed by Guardian/Carer
Withdrawn - Entitlement has been withdrawn by CCSS
Ceased - CCS Enrolment has been ended due to non- attendance, 8 weeks of continued absences or ended at a Service level if the child has left care
Received - CWA Enrolment with no CRN number for the Guardian/Carer or the Child
Rejected - When Guardian/Carer rejects an Enrolment
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