Smile APP - Signing the CWA Agreement
This article will assist you with viewing Emails n via your Smile APP from your Child Care Service.


If your Service has emailed you for example, sending out an invoice, you can view them via the Smile APP.

Viewing your Emails

To view any emails sent from your Service:

Log into the Smile APP

Select the 3 line menu icon

Select the Families option

The Family screen will display.

Scroll down and select the CWA Agreement button.

Select Acknowledge

The CWA Agreement - Enrolment screen will display:
Service Information
Current CCSS Enrolment Status eg. Submitted/Confirmed
Type of CCSS Arrangement
Arrangement Start and End Dates
Created date
Days of Booking
Scroll down to view all the information, if correct select Acknowledge

Select Confirm Approve

The CWA Agreement will display as Signed.
The Guardian who signed the Agreement as well as the Date of signing will also be displayed.

Viewing Signed CWA Agreement details
If you would like to view the information within the CWA Agreement after it has been signed, this can be viewed by selecting your Child' name on the Family Screen.

To assist you further with this process see: Smile APP - Viewing Enrolment Information or the Video Smile APP - Signing the CWA Agreement
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