CCS Enrolment Error - Unsubmitted CCS Enrolment

Within the program CCS Enrolments are automatically submitted through to CCS. If there is an error with a CCS Enrolment that is stopping it from submitting to CCS successfully, this will need to be corrected.
|| If the child doesn't have an Active CCS Enrolment their sessions won't be submitted to CCS, which can cause a breach with CCSS.

The Service will receive an email notification advising of Enrolments that have not been submitted successfully.
The Email will include:
Name of the child/ren
Claimant (CRN holder/Primary Contact)
CCS Enrolment ID
Error stopping the CCS Enrolment from submitting successfully

At the bottom of the email you will be able to view some of the common reasons that can stop a CCS Enrolment from successfully submitting.

To assist you further with this Enrolment email see the Xap University Video: CCS Enrolment Submission Alert
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