CCSS Arrangement Types

This article will assist you with understanding the different types of CCSS Arrangement.


Every child who attends the care of an Approved CCSS Service, is required to have a CCSS Enrolment created. This enrolment needs to cover from their first day of care to their last day of care.

Arrangement Types:
There are 4 types of Arrangements that can be created for each child.
CWA - Complying Written Arrangement

This is the only type of Arrangement that can enable families to receive Child Care Subsidy. A Complying Written Arrangement is an agreement to provide care in return for fees. A Complying Written Arrangement must set out the following:

the names and contact details of the child care centre and the parent/guardian;
the date that the Arrangement starts;
the name and date of birth of the child;
if care will be provided on a routine basis, and if so:
details about the days on which sessions of care will usually be provided; and
the usual start and end times for these sessions of care
whether care may be provided on a casual or flexible basis (in addition to, or instead of, a routine basis); and
details of fees to be charged under the Arrangement, that the parent/guardian understand may vary from time to time.

Relevant Arrangement
This type of enrolment notice is used only where a provider is sure that the family does not wish to ever claim Child Care Subsidy for the sessions of care they are going to provide. It is an Arrangement between the centre and parent/guardian for the care of a child which does not meet the full requirements for a Complying Written Agreement.

ACCS (Child Wellbeing)
Where a centre has identified a child is at risk of serious neglect or abuse, but there is no individual identified to pay for child care fees. In this case, the centre effectively becomes eligible for Child Care Subsidy for that child, rather than a parent or guardian.

Arrangement with Organisation
CCS is not payable on this type of Arrangement. This Arrangement is made when another party (the state, an employer or other organisation, for example) is liable for the fees for care of the child.

Enrolment Flow Chart

To assist you further with understanding the CCSS Arrangement types see: FAO CCSS Enrolment Types
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