How to Edit a CCS Enrolment

Approved providers are required to update an enrolment notice if there has been a change in routine and/or casual sessions.

Providers must update an enrolment notice if:

The individual disagrees with detail/s of an enrolment, and the provider agrees an update is required

An arrangement for care is varied, at the request or in discussion with the individual (and this has been reflected in the CWA)

The provider otherwise becomes aware the information originally provided in an enrolment is (or becomes) incorrect

Whether at the time of or after the enrolment notice was created

The arrangement for care ends.

Note: that if the enrolment notice included an arrangement end date (which is not mandatory) and the arrangement ends on that date, no update is needed.

This help document will show you how to edit a CCS enrolment for a child

Step 1: Select Families.

Step 2: In the families tab, select the child's name of the account you wish to edit the enrolment for.

This will take you to the child's tab, if you need to toggle between siblings or tabs you can select this from the top section of the screen

Step 3: Select Enrolments

If the child already has an enrolment, this will appear below. You can edit this enrolment by selecting the 3 dot menu, then edit.

Step 4: Make any changes to the enrolment

If you are editing the sessions, click on edit sessions

Enter in the effective date, session type, booking interval and any recurring or casual sessions.

Step 5: Once you have made the changes, please click Save and Send to CCSS.

If you need anything further, browse our other help documents or call Xap on 1300 543 792.

To assist you further with this process see the University video: How to edit a CCS enrolment or the Help Page - CCS Enrolments
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