ACCS Enrolments - Creating a PEA Child Wellbeing Enrolment

This article will assist you with creating and managing a PEA (Provider Eligible Arrangement) for Child Wellbeing.

Note: The ACCS Changes are only for Children linked to an ACCS /PEA Enrolment type, NOT if they are linked under a CWA Enrolment type and have Certificates/Determinations for Child Wellbeing


From the 1st July 2021, CCS have made changes to the ACCS Child Wellbeing process.

To assist you further with viewing and understanding the changes see: DHS - Provider Eligible Enrolments and ACCS Child Wellbeing help desk guide

Provider Eligible Arrangements (PEA) 1/7/21 forward requirements

Collect all required information as a part of the enrolment process
Within the PEA enrolment you must be able to indicate the circumstances
OR that you have been unable to identify a CCSS Eligible Individual

Criteria for PEA Child Wellbeing

Service is NOT able to identify a CCSS Eligible Carer
Child is in Formal Foster/Kinship Care

PEA Foster/Kinship Care

Maximum 13 weeks PER Service PER Child CRN
Will not be time limited (in certain circumstances)

Creating the PEA Enrolment

Search on the Child's name using the Global Search
Select the Child's name

Note: A PEA Arrangement needs to be created BEFORE the bookings are created for the child or you will receive an error see: Enrolment Error - System must have an existing PEA Enrolment created before you can create bookings

Within the Child Profile Screen select the Enrolments Tab
Select the Green + Add button

Select the Care Type from the drop-down menu - (If you only have 1 care type this will be automatically populated)
Select the PEA Arrangement Type
Select the Enrolment Start Date
Note: If you are backdating the PEA Enrolment prior to the 30th June 2021, it will automatically become ceased as of the 30th June 2021. And a NEW PEA Enrolment occurrence will need to be created from the 1st July 2021.
For a Foster/Kinship Care Reason an Enrolment end date is mandatory
Note: The maximum End date for a Foster/Kinship Care PEA Enrolment is 13 weeks from the arrangement start date. Multiple occurrences can be created if the child is attending eg. VAC dates, so you don't use all the 13 weeks.
Select the PEA Reason

Child is in Formal Foster/Kinship Care Reason

This PEA Reason is selected if:
The child is in formal Foster / kinship care
This option will require an end date to be entered into the Arrangement
This can only be for a maximum of 13 weeks
Start Date can be backdated up to 13 weeks

If the Arrangement end date is greater than 13 weeks from the PEA Enrolment start date for a Foster/Kinship Care you will receive the below error.

Service not able to identify a CCS eligible carer

This allows the service to receive ACCS CWB directly for children who are considered to be ‘at risk’
And who are under the care of an individual who does not meet the eligibility criteria for CCS (e.g. the individual is not residentially qualified)
End Date is not mandatory

For a New Child you can create the bookings through the CCSS enrolment.
Note: For an existing child who was previously under an ACCS Arrangement Type, bookings will continue. For further clarification see: ACCS Changes 2021 for Existing Children under an ACCS Enrolment Type
Select the type of booking either Recurring & Casual, Recurring only or Casual Only
Select the Frequency eg. Weekly or Fortnightly for recurring bookings
Select the Days, Rooms, Sessions for recurring bookings
For for Casual or Recurring & Casual select a Casual Fee that would be applied eg. After School Care
Select Save & Send to CCS

To assist you further with ACCS process see: Help Page - ACCS Management . The Xap University video can be found here: Creating a PEA Child Wellbeing Enrolment. The Full Document and ACCS changes can be found here: DHS - Provider Eligible Enrolments
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