Xap CCS Enrolment process explained in detail

| | Note: According to the Family Assistance Guide: Approved providers must submit an enrolment notice to CCSS to indicate they have entered into an arrangement with an individual for a child enrolled under their care. The enrolment notice must reflect the type of arrangement that is in place between the provider and the individual and contain information about the child and individual (e.g. name, CRN, DOB etc) and the pattern of care and usual fees as per the arrangement.

Step 1: In the Families tab, Select the child's name on the account you wish to create an enrolment for.

This will take you to the child's tab, if you need to toggle between siblings or tabs you can select this from the top section of the screen.

Step 2: Select Enrolments.

Note: If the child already has an enrolment, this will appear below. You can edit this enrolment by selecting the 3 dot menu, then edit. For more information on how to edit an existing enrolment, please visit 'How to Edit an Enrolment'.

Step 3: Create a New Enrolment. To create a new enrolment, select the Green + button.

Step 4: Select the Service and Arrangement Type

(Please see the enrolment flow chart and arrangements explained at the bottom of this page, to see which arrangement type to select if you are unsure)

Step 5: Select Session type, Bookings Interval and enter in recurring sessions.

For more information, please browse our support documents or alternatively contact our support team.

Enrolment Flow Chart

Arrangement Types Explained

To assist you further with this process see the University Video here: How to create a CCS enrolment or the Help Page - CCS Enrolments
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