CCSS Enrolment Statuses

This article will assist you with understanding the different statuses for a CCSS Enrolment.


Every child who attends a CCSS Registered Service is required to have a CCSS enrolment. This is regardless of whether they are claiming CCS entitlements or not.


New not submitted - Enrolment has not been actively connected with CCSS
Pending at CCS - Pending Eligibility CRN numbers have been provided by CCS eligibility still pending from myGov
Confirmed by Guardian - Booking pattern confirmed by Guardian/Carer via myGov
Approved - The Government approves the enrolment that is submitted outside the timeframes or if provider is not approved
Disputed - Contact has disputed the booking pattern or a casual day through the My Gov Account
Confirmed - Details confirmed by CCS, confirmed by Guardian/Carer
Withdrawn - Entitlement has been withdrawn by CCSS
Ceased - CCS Enrolment has been ended due to non- attendance, 8 weeks of continued absences or ended at a Service level if the child has left care
Received - CWA Enrolment with no CRN number for the Guardian/Carer or the Child
Rejected - When Guardian/Carer rejects an Enrolment

Life-Cycle of a CCSS Enrolment

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