How to Query CCSS to Update an Enrolment Status

To receive the latest information from CCSS, a query to CCSS will update the enrolment notice to the latest information. You can do this if you would like to check the most recent status of a CCSS enrolment. This help document will show you how to query CCSS to update an enrolment status.

Step 1: Select Families

Step 2: In the Families tab, Select the child's name of the account you wish to edit the enrolment for.

This will take you to the child's tab, if you need to toggle between siblings or tabs you can select this from the top section of the screen

Step 3: Select Enrolments

If the child already has an enrolment, this will appear below. Click the three dot button on the relevant enrolment and click Query CCSS.

Step 4: A box will pop up where you can view the enrolment notice. Click on Query CCSS.

If you would like further information, please browse our other support documents or call Xap on 1300 543 792.
To assist you further with this process you can view the video here: How to query CCS to update an Enrolment Status or the Help Page - CCS Enrolments
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