ACCS Changes 2021 for Existing Children under an ACCS Enrolment Type

This article will assist you with managing the changes for existing ACCS Arrangement children to PEA Arrangements.


From the 1st July 2021, CCS have made changes to the ACCS Child Wellbeing process.
For children who are identified as being at risk, they need to have a PEA Enrolment type created.

Existing ACCS Arrangements

Children who are currently enrolled under an ACCS Arrangement type will automatically become ceased as of the 30th June 2021.
Xap will delete all bookings associated with the ACCS Enrolment from the 1st July 2021
Charges for this period will be removed off of the Account Balance. Any adjustments will be picked up in the next Invoice period
Note: ACCS Child Wellbeing Families will already have a $0.00 GAP for their ACCS Period.

A NEW PEA Enrolment will need to be created commencing from the 1st July 2021.

Existing Bookings

Xap will delete all bookings associated with the ACCS Enrolment from the 1st July 2021
The new PEA Enrolment commencing from the 1st July 2021 will create the bookings moving forward.
The bookings will only only continue for the 13 week period if the child is under PEA Reason of Child is in Formal Foster/Kinship Care Reason
OR ongoing if the PEA Type is under the PEA Reason of Service not able to identify a CCS eligible carer

Note: If the child is under a CWA Enrolment for Child Wellbeing, no change is required.

What you need to do

Check the Children Enrolment Report to see all children linked under an ACCS Enrolment Type
Note: If you run this report after the 30th June 2021 you will see the new PEA Arrangement type for historical ACCS Enrolments as well as new enrolments.
Create a NEW PEA CCSS Enrolment for the child from the 1st July 2021 see: ACCS Enrolments - Creating a PEA Child Wellbeing Arrangement
Note: This will create a new Enrolment occurrence for the child, so the Enrolment ID will remain the same. This step will also create the new PEA Bookings for the period of the PEA Enrolment.
Existing Child Wellbeing Certificates & Determinations will continue as they are.

To assist you further with ACCS process see: Help Page - ACCS Management . The Full Document and ACCS changes can be found here: DHS - Provider Eligible Enrolments
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