CCS Enrolments Error - Service Not Active

If you are receiving a CCSS Session Error for Late Change Required see: CCSS Session Error - Reason for Late Change required when Vary/Withdraw outside Timeframe


The CCSS Enrolment start date is prior to the Services CCSS Approval start date..

Why the error occurs

The Message of Service Not Active indicates that the child's CCSS Enrolment Start date is commencing prior to the Service commencement date for CCSS.
For Example:

CCSS Enrolment Start Date is: 8/3/21
Services CCSS Approval Start Date is: 10/3/21

The message will be displayed on your Enrolment Submission Alert reports failed to submit email as below and will include the information of:

The name of the child
Family name
Enrolment ID

Viewing the Error

The Service Not Active Error will also appear when the CCSS Enrolment is being created.

Correcting the Error

To correct the Service Not Active error for a CCSS Enrolment.

Search on the name of the child
Select the child Profile Tab
Select the Enrolments Tab
Select the 3 dot menu
Select Edit from the drop down menu

Within the Edit Enrolment Screen

Change the Arrangement Start Date to the correct date
Select Save & Send to CCS

Note: Any Sessions on the Rolls prior to the Services CCSS Approval Start Date will need to either be deleted or changed to a non-subsidy care type with a non-Gov enrolment.

Why the error needs to be resolved.

If the message is not resolved this can impact the Service and Guardian for paid CCSS.

The Sessions for the child from the Service CCSS Approval Start Date will not submit successfully for processing until the message has been corrected
Can cause a Breach with CCSS due to the session not being submitted within 14 days required period

Once the child is actively enrolled to the Service, the incorrect CCSS Sessions can be submitted to CCSS for processing. To assist you with submitting CCS Sessions see: Submitting CCS Session reports
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