CCS Enrolments - Manually Querying Entitlements

This article will assist you with querying CCSS entitlements for children at your Service.


CCSS Entitlements are automatically queried daily at 7:30pm AEDT.
However you can manually query entitlement details for a child.

Querying the Entitlements

To query the CCSS Entitlements:

Select the Family screen from the left hand menu
Search on the name of the child/family
Select Search
Select the name of the Family

Select the Payments & Billing Tab

Select the Pink Q to query the Entitlement details

Select the Query Date
Select Query CCSS

The new entitlements will display on the screen.

To assist you further with viewing CCSS entitlements see: How to check CCSS entitlements for a Family/Child
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